This is a social Gaelic football competition for men and women aged 15 and up.
The emphasis is on fun, fitness, good sportsmanship and a relaxed playing environment.
The Social Mixed seasonfor 2017 commences in October.
If you aren't bringing an entire team, register as an individual and we will find you a team!
Below is a summary of the key rule changes from standard Gaelic football and of the playing rules for the Social Mixed football competition.
To learn more about the general rules and game play of Gaelic football, see here .
Please contact us if you are interested and we will let you know when our trainings and warm up matches begin.
  1. The Basics
    2 x 20 minute halves size 4 ball will be used pitch diagram as below 40 x 60m pitch unlimited interchange 5 or 7 a side, plus substitutes
  2. Special Players
    A special player is a junior (under-18) or a female player. may pick the ball up off the ground earn extra point for over (4) or under (2) may take kick-in from the hands may take '45' free from hands
  3. New Rules
    kick-in taken from inside small rectangle ref may choose to play 8 v 8, etc. special may choose to play as normal 'mark' paid from kick-in referee will adjudicate goals & points (ie. no goal/side umpires) square ball rule will NOT be used can only solo/bounce up to 3x tackle only when ball held away from body
  4. Discipline
    strictly NO abuse of officials, players, etc card system to be used: black card = 2 minute sin bin (sin binned player can be replaced) yellow card = warning red card = expulsion referee decision is final players must play in spirit of social league
  5. Teams
    teams are considered informal there is no team registration fee teams may provide own jerseys teams to provide own warm-up balls players are not bound to teams teams may be allocated 'home' duties
  6. Important
    Round 1 - Sat 28 October all players must be registered TGFHA provides all match equipment all games at Eastside Lutheran College all games Sat afternoon definitive roster below DON'T FORGET TO HAVE FUN!
Social Mixed Football Results - Spring/Summer 2017
Round 1 Sat 28/10 - Shamrocks 36 v Celts 25 - Player of the round Charlie Blunt
Round 2 Sat 4/11- Celts  v Shamrocks  - Player of the round 
Round 3 Sat 11/11 - Shamrocks  v Celts - Player of the round 
Round 4 - Celts v Shamrocks - Player of the round 
Round 5 - Shamrocks v Celts - Player of the round 
Round 6 - Celts v Shamrocks - Player of the round 

Social Mixed Football Results - Spring/Summer 2016
Round 1 - Shamrocks 50 v Celts 34 - Player of the round Kelly Fall
Round 2 - Celts 30 v Shamrocks 30 - Player of the round Roperto Fuentes
Round 3 - Shamrocks 52 v Celts 31 - Player of the round Katie Cole
Round 4 - Celts 22 v Shamrocks 34 - Player of the round Michael Young
Round 5 - Shamrocks 38 v Celts 25 - Player of the round Mat Blunt
Round 6 - Celts 42 v Shamrocks 34 - Player of the round Finn Ivory
Round 7 - Shamrocks 41 v Celts 41 - Player of the round Clare Preston
Round 8 - skills challenge - Winner Sammy McCrossen